Good advice

I'm touching back on my post last year about taking inspiration from others (20 Nov). I got such good feeback from this due to the fact that many of you could relate to what I was saying about feeling demoralised by how far away you may be from that quality of work, well today I saw a post by a friend on facebook that really summed up my whole point so I'm compelled to share it as I found it really profound...

When you compete with yourself you become better, if you're continuously competing with others you become bitter.
Seriously, remember this when you look at others work for inspiration. I spend insane amounts of downtime looking at lighting, make up, poses and others photographer's styles but I've learned to take inspiration from them and remain true to MY style (something incidentally that I don't really see, it's others that comment on my 'style' but more on developing a style in another post). Now write this down somewhere on a post it note or a stickie on your Mac, anything that reminds you at those times when you get that God awful feeling we all get from time to time!