Belief and acceptance!

Classic me & Kayt from our shoot back in early Summer with Suki Miles

I posted some time ago about looking at other photographer's work and becoming disillusioned as a result rather than taking inspiration but still doing your own thing (click to read), I got a few personal emails from that one, all from models and photographers who had experienced the same thing, so I thought I'd re-visit the subject based on my experience this year in particular.

I've literally turned a corner and (I hope) finally put this issue to rest in my own head, I've been kind of self analysing way too much of late but the last few days somehow something's changed in my attitude. As a bit of background, I've been exploring new genre, different subjects, still within fashion and beauty, still with models but stamping your style on something like lingerie, swimwear or a more 'sensual' subject can be difficult when it's not your usual work. I researched what others were doing in those fields and came around again to the issue of comparing my work to theirs... bad move! I ending up re-assessing my whole style, from lighting to composition, to how I retouch... re-assessing is probably the wrong term, in reality I beat myself up both emotionally and artistically, had a major downer on my abilities and style as well as what I should be pursueing and if I should be pursuing any of it at all!! All in all I put myself in a very bad place mentally.

To be posting that I've passed that phase feels so bloody good and with the support of a few friends, mostly a couple of models (and one model Mother! Thanks Penny :)) as well as my poor wife who had to suffer the moods, I finally accepted that I have a style, it's a recognisable style (apparently), it's my style and you know what? I don't need somebody else's! I'll shoot different subjects, I'll still experiment but I think I'll do it my way from now on. Moral of the story if there is one is to just believe in yourself and your own abilities, save yourself from yourself, as artists we generally have these ups & downs but if you can accept what you do, the way you do it is right then you can simply get on with it!

Now get out there and SHOOT!