Inspired by...

I've never been one to copy or try recreating another photographer's work, we all draw visual inspiration from others of course but putting your own style to it is usually the way to go, however there are shots that I'd like to recreate at some point, some from the greats of the past but also from current top photographers. I've seen a few of mine recreated and take it as a compliment that my work is worthy of imitating so when I decided to do it I hope it is taken the same way, it's a personal challenge and one that can go horribly wrong! Rankin himself has done a couple that were filmed for the bbc.

Steff and I had arranged a test and got chatting over ideas, well both being big admirers of Rosie Huntington got me thinking (I think Steff actually has borderline Rosie fetish! Lol!)... there is a shoot she did with a favourite photographer of mine, Yu Tsai, a couple of years ago, it's just so beautiful (check out his site!), a mix of black & white with muted colour and Rosie is, well... stunning! Another favourite of mine is the Ten Times Rosie book by Rankin so I began thinking about marrying elements of these together but at the same time keeping at least a large portion of the shoot our own. In the end we only recreated 2 from the Yu Tsai set, the rest we just left the reference material and shot fairly freestyle, improvising as we went. Steff isn't Rosie Huntington and I'm not Rankin or Yu Tsai but there are enough similarities in Steff that made me think that just maybe we could pull this off and pull it off convincingly!

Behind the Scenes Footage
I rarely shoot behind the scenes but the video that went with the inspiration for this whole day was equally beautiful, though I didn't want to waste too much concentration on it so I grabbed an old 15 year DV tape camcorder, which turned out to have a failing battery, and put it on a tripod in various positions throughout the shoot and hit record. The footage was the main thing, I knew I could just take appropriate snippets and edit something together later. Like the shoot itself I wanted this to really capture something...  more than just a load of posing, make up application and lights flashing. Mission accomplished!

The Conclusion
So did we pull it off? That's for you to decide but as far as I'm concerned, as far as Steff's concerned, yes we did, I think we actually exceeded all our expectations on both the shoot and the behind the scenes video.

Edited Behind the Scenes Video and preview
So here it is, I badly needed some light relief from my ridiculous retouching backlog so I set to learning Final Cut Pro X by throwing myself in at the deep end and editing only me second ever bts video. I'm so touched at the reaction from Steff herself (as well as her Mum!), even if nobody else likes it or the fact that shots have been recreated from another photographer's work, I'm not really bothered as I'm happy & Steff's reaction and words make this entire shoot worth every second spent on it!

Now back to retouching!! :D