Embracing your style

Very much my style with Elena Fernandes, Major NY/Next LA

This morning I've been doing a bit of an assessment of my website which is long overdue an update, going through the current content and the new work that's yet to go out. It actually dawned on me during a shoot this week that no matter how many different things I try, various light set ups, different modifiers etc. I tend to come back to what I know works for me. For a while it was frustrating me "Why don't I like the look this gives me?" "What is it I'm doing wrong here?", truth is I'm not doing anything wrong apart from fighting my 'style' my 'signature look' in fear of becoming samey! Looking through my recent work I've realised it's not samey at all but it is recognisable as my style which is a good thing! I've never really seen that style in my work that others do, it's not something that you can consciously chase, it just develops over time... now it's there and I can really see it myself I need to accept and embrace it!!

Adapting to a more commercial look with Charley

Experimenting and shooting different genre & styles is not a bad thing, it helps me grow... I've shot a wide range of work this month from my style to very commercial, lifestyle, lingerie, swimwear, commercial beauty, that's actually been enjoyable & refreshing but a very commercial model with a big smile needs a different set up and style to what I may use for an editorial model so obviously I've had to adapt to the job at hand, I'm really pleased that I've been able to make that switch quite easily and clients have been very pleased with the results. So I guess what you can take from this post is that trying different things or adapting to the job is great but when you have that signature style that some strive a lifetime for, when you like it and it works then don't fight it, build on it, make it your own! Expect a big change to the website content soon as I practice what I am preaching here!