No I in team!

behind the scenes, make up artist Alex Jones & Abi @ Nevs

Years ago I was a graphic designer for a major UK bank, design, photography, video, blah blah, you name it I did it but there was a corporate jargon mentality, all tag lines and clever empowering bullshit lines to brainwash the staff... now most have blurred into insignificance but there is one that's hit home, one that sticks in my mind... why? Because it's actually relevant, cynical though I was/am still I guess, it's never more true and evident than now! 'THERE IS NO I IN TEAM'

My work has improved beyond my own expectation for a number of reasons but ultimately I have not changed my style, my general technique or lighting choices, what I have done is been very selective who I test with, who I work with and that applies to models, make up artists and hair stylists... THERE is the difference, THE TEAM!! I like to work with a small team, me, make up artist/hair stylist and the model but one weak link and the shoot either fails or is not as strong as it could or should have been, this is my shout out, my tribute if you like to those creatives that make the shoots, I always credit them but it's they in sync with me that get the job done, if I screw up and make the wrong choice on make up artist for instance then the model and/or agency suffers and so do I! Whether you're Testino, Demarchelier, Bailey, Sorrenti, one missing link and the result will suffer!

So for anyone looking to improve their photography, a new camera won't make you a better photographer, a better brand of light won't either, before you look at that look at the people you are working with, is the make up good enough? Are you working with the best models you can find for your level? I'm at a point where I've built a good reputation and amazingly talented agency models and creatives approach me but I'm still selective and whatever your level you should be too.

So a huge thank you to the regular and trusted make up artists I work with week to week and the models we shoot, you all make me look good! (or is it the other way around? Lol!)