Alex Lambrechts Fujifilm X Series Street Fashion

I was fortunate enough to be invited along to one of Alex Lambrechts street fashion workshops recently, having not long invested in the X-Pro 1 and Alex being one of the photographers I'd been following before I made the decision to get one I was grateful for the opportunity!

Nice guy, the team from Fuji were lovely and a small friendly group of us had a good day out learning more about the Fuji mirrorless system and getting some shots on the streets of Soho with Jasmin @Premier. The guys at Fuji have since put together this blog post and video about the day so I thought I'd share...

I'll be following up more about the X-system in future posts as I use it more, I was pretty late to make the jump after following reviews etc. since before the X-Pro 1 came out and the new model was out around the same time as I invested in the X-Pro, for now let's just say I'm not regretting the decision to get one, if you're thinking about an X-System yourself but not too sure still then look out for my future posts, it won't be a technical review, more a little about my experience with it, the kind of info that I'd have liked when I was looking at first.

All images ©Brian Rolfe 2014