Timeless: The lost project

Finally getting something out there about this project! Added this to the updated website today.

Timeless Teaser

Timeless is a project idea that was born a few years ago, a few tests were shot in the style that I wanted this project's direction to be (and it's a style that's influenced much of my work now) but work commitments never really allowed me to get this off the ground. I always envisaged this as being based on one model, a muse. We all have models that we just click with, favourites that we love to work with, finding one who shares your vision, one who can commit to an ongoing project is no easy task though so I put it on hold but kept a teaser preview online, as much as a reminder to myself not to let this idea go!

As the title suggests, my whole idea for the project is to create a collection of photographs that are timeless, something that will stand the test of time. Photographers and models are always selling a product, that's our job, for this I wanted it to be far removed from the commercial side of things. Timeless will be a celebration of female beauty, body, skin & form, fashion will play it's part but will be a minimal element with the emphasis on pieces that never go out of fashion. This project is about the collaboration and connection between model & photographer, not what designer or brand is featured.

Development is still ongoing but realistically I think I've made the right decision to take this beyond just a one model collaboration, though I'm sure there will be certain models that will make more than one appearance and end up with their own 'Timeless special'!

The format I'm hoping to take this is a blog initially then an exhibition and maybe a book. The blog I hope to have running by the end of the year or early 2016, in the meantime enjoy the new teaser!