Social media & online presence

I've badly neglected my blog in the past year, in fact my last post was August of 2014, not exactly regular by any standards! I've found it difficult to keep a blog updated as well as the usual social media platforms, what with that, shooting new work, jobs and the retouching that follows all that I barely have time to keep on top of emails, consequently it's always the blog that suffers rather than the likes of Facebook or Instagram! Well looking at my traffic on the website it actually dawned on me that my blog is probably more important that any Facebook post, the reach of Facebook now is beyond a joke, the way it's set up stifles the content to a minimal audience anyway so why bother when I can post here and build a new audience along with my current one. Take into that the fact that Facebook's newsfeed in general annoys the hell out of me anyway for a number of reasons and it's a bit of a no brainer to get off that sinking ship, sure I'll share from Instagram (until that too suffers a similar fate as FB!), for that I don't need to actually attend the Facebook party which is a real bonus, so although I can't delete my profile due to the contacts I have there and wish to keep I can at least channel my time and energy into something more worthwhile!

Social media in general is a tough thing to navigate, I mean where should you concentrate your efforts? tumblr is a great blogging platform but the jury is still out on that for me, I don't really do social media for 'likes' or reblogs of my work, I want it to be seen by a wide audience for sure but it's 'who' likes my work that's more important to me! My twitter has my biggest following, over 4000 followers, why I don't know, aside from Instagram shares I rarely use it, maybe I'm missing a trick there but I don't find the reach great there either, certainly interaction is minimal so again I fail to see the point of spending my time tweeting to try and promote my work, from a marketing point of view my efforts are better employed elsewhere. Linkedin is something I'm having another crack at as it's more business related, I'll do a post on that as I've only just completed my profile properly and begun adding the odd post of new images but my first post in a long, long time caught the eye of an agency so maybe that's something to keep updated. I've become very conscious of time and wasting it so I'm definitely beginning to look at ways of using my time more efficiently, bottom line is that after all I'd rather be actually out doing what I love than posting about it here, there and everywhere!

For the most part I think this new blog will likely be more image based, a bit of a photographic diary if you like. Not everything I shoot is a beauty or fashion story, not everything I shoot is intended to market me to potential clients so it doesn't necessarily have a place in my portfolio but I still want to share it, personal work is important, even simple test shoots are important, they're arguably some of my favourite's because they're very real and those personal shoots with no client, often no team are the ones I really miss when I get busy so I'm making an effort to shoot those more. Shooting with a purpose is so important with my beauty and commercial work and I love to shoot with a well thought out idea and direction but balancing that with shooting something raw and real with no other purpose than just to create a set of images you love is key, I don't like spending a minute more than needed on retouching, time in front of the Mac is time away from shooting!! I'll likely run a post on personal work and retouching vs raw work in the future but for now if you like my work, would like to see more of it, personal or otherwise then here is where you'll be seeing a majority of it with little tasters on Instagram etc.