About the project

Timeless is a celebration of female beauty, minimalistic and natural, often with no make up, minimal styling and little or no retouching. Photographers all have their muses, those models we work with time and again with who we just have a connection, a trust and mutual love of creating something beautiful. This project is about those models, those who I just click with, some have become friends over the years, some I might only meet once but I know I want to have them become part of it.

I love to shoot one on one with a model for no other reason than to create a beautiful series of portraits, something I'm drawn to much more over the past year or so, there is something more intimate about a portrait. I want to capture natural beauty, not the false perfection of the retouched variety but true beauty.

My hope is for Timeless to evolve and include a self published book, fine art prints, maybe an exhibition . If you'd like to keep up to date with new stories & news from this project them please subscribe.

Timeless Muses