New Website

Jo denim.jpg

It's taken nearly four months but the new website is finally live and I intend to start blogging again very soon with a mix of shoots, gear reviews here and there (I don't buy much gear these days) and general insights into my photography world. While the design of the new site went back and forth a few times, it was the content that really took the time. I didn't want to go the typical categorised route, I don't think my work really fits a pigeon holed approach of "beauty', 'fashion' etc. so I've finally come up with something I'm really happy with. I've put together so many half arsed websites in the past that I wanted this latest one to be a fully finished one that would stay for some time! I will likely add a portraits section soon which will be home to some of my model tests and such that don't necessarily sit in the main portfolio. As these form a huge part of my work I'm looking at a way I can possibly make this into a format that's more of a blog feed like tumblr, just within this site and not off somewhere else. Anyway for now I hope you like the new look!