Getting back into shooting 35mm film

Sophie Roll 3 - 15 1.jpg

For a long time now I've been thinking about shooting film on a regular basis. I started last summer when I bought a Contax G2 but never really got on with it. I shot a couple on rolls but really couldn't get on with the tiny viewfinder so I sold it and shelved the idea for a while. I've finally got back to it this summer and picked up a 35mm EOS SLR that gives me a very similar view and experience to my digital SLR and takes all my Canon lenses. At £40 for the camera body it's far less of an investment than the Contax was so the money I saved there has been invested in a 35mm negative scanner, helping keep the cost of processing down to merely the film developing and giving me more control over the final look of the image, albeit at a loss of the higher res scans a lab can produce but should I need it I can always have the negatives scanned high res at a later date. It's a learning curve trying to get the scans looking the way you expect the film stock to look or the way I think it should! Challenging but so rewarding. I'm pretty happy with my first few rolls.

I've always loved the look of film, digital is convenient, fast and for commercial work makes more sense but for personal work I wanted something else, a different experience that film gives me. When you shoot film, you're far more careful about getting a shot because you don't have the luxury of running off 500 shots in a session, it's just not economical, it's quality over quantity. I want to plan my shoots a bit more so I'm not wasting film, I love the candid and spontaneous shots so I don't want to be too regimental about it, so it's getting a starting point, having a rough moodboard. It also means less time retouching, which frees me up to shoot more. Fix the odd spot, scratches on the scan maybe but the rest is just colour and tone tweaks which I'm hoping I get nailed quicker the more experience I get with the scanning software.

For now the shot above is one of my first scans from a shoot I did with Sophie Allen on the beach last week. I'll post more here and on the website as I get them finished along with a more detailed piece about this shoot.