Focussing on the website and blog from here on!

It’s been forever since I last wrote on my blog, keeping up with work, clients, social media etc. leaves little time to write anything and I can never see the point in writing something just for the sake of it. That said, today I do have something to write about! I’m sat here on the hottest day of the year editing and updating my website because I just cannot sit outside in this heat, rare for a sun lover but it’s intense out there!

So I’ve written about it before and here we are again, Instagram, it’s been a very useful business tool but this week brought in more changes that you may not have even noticed, engagement has been stifled even more in an attempt to get business profiles to pay for promoted posts, something that is about a successful as throwing a fiver down the nearest drain! Wether this affects non business profiles I don’t know but it has for sure affected my business profile and on researching it further I can see it’s hitting others hard as well. The co-founders of Instagram have walked out parting ways with facebook, the parent company, which may or may not be linked but I would say it speaks volumes. Does this week mark the beginning of the end for the platform? Time will tell but one thing is for certain, I’m not relying on it and expect it may well go the way of facebook, described in one article as ‘the walking dead’ of social media.

I don’t really want to get into it any more than that but it’s made me take stock, with Instagram on the decline, facebook dead, tumblr going down as well after the crazy censorship of December 2018 and no viable alternative on the horizon that I can see. With this in mind, the one constant has been the humble website, interestingly while social media engagement is dropping it still drives traffic to my website and I’m noticing a definite upturn in the past few months. Now this is surprising as I’ve not updated it in a while, neither have I blogged regularly. So I’m missing an opportunity here and have decided that instead of relying so heavily, as many of us have, on social media, I’m going to feed the google monster! Google loves content, regular content! Just because I’m not a blogger it doesn’t mean to say I can’t blog, tumblr was a picture based blog, Instagram is pretty much just that so I’m going to use this blog as my own uncensored version of tumblr but I control it, not some algorithm. I’m not ditching other platforms but this should be my shop window, my journal where I can post images that might not necessarily go in my portfolio or a portrait series or an editorial, I can post previews of new work, outtakes etc.

Ok so I might not hit the masses but at least people who do follow my work will know there is a place to see regular new work that’s not crammed into a two inch square! As I get the website updated I will set up a subscribe link on here but as of today the ‘journal’ is now live and I will kick it off with my first photo post this evening. In the meantime ffs please like, please follow… ha ha!!!